"When Trump offered Pence his spot on the ticket, the Republican Party's evangelical wing was over the moon. Pence was also a first-term governor facing a tough battle for re-election despite a longstanding and substantial GOP advantage in voter registration. His outspoken support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act had alienated some centrist Republicans and, though Pence was genial enough, he was not the kind of campaigner who got folks fired up.

Offered a path out of struggling obscurity in Indiana, Pence didn't need a Bible prophecy to tell him it was OK to take the leap. He hitched his pious ambitions to a crude, thrice-divorced, self-confessed sexual predator whose grasp of faith and Scripture appears nonexistent.

Pence's favorite Bible verse reads: "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." He cites it when he discusses the opportunities that come his way, and to explain the confidence he brings to politics.

Pence's theology says that God selects in advance which individuals will become believers and rewards their faith regardless of what they do. This belief allows for all sorts of bad behavior, if it can be framed as supporting the ultimate goal of promoting the evangelical agenda."

CNN This article is the first in a series of three by Michael D'Antonio and Peter Eisner, the authors of the new book, "The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence."

The United States of America under Donald J. Trump (5X Draft Dodger) is shaping the USA to become a Banana Republic.

Why I am infuriated! In 2016 when I found out this LOSER got out of the draft (the draft was not fair) with heel spurs I stood up.

I requested my medical records covering the 3 years I was in the US Army as an enlisted man. I mailed the form out with the listings of Military Hospitals that I was in during Basic Training, AIT (Advance Individual Training) Ft Monmouth NJ, 8th Field Hospital Nhatrang Vietnam and Ft Sam Houston TX Brooke Army Medical Center.


In February of 2017 I received a 30 page copy of my medical records. I had only got the to the Erie VA back in the 70's for educational benefits and later a few years back when a fellow parishioner at my church said I should sign up for Agent Orange Registry. I was considered a non-combatant while in Vietnam with 1st Signal Brigade; although I had 100 round of ammo (later had to remove 2 rounds in each magazine because the spring may get rusty) and a M14 that was beside me at all times. I did qualify for 50 caliber and M60 machine guns.


Anyway I never was wounded so I never felt the need to go to the VA until the LOSER Donald J. Trump came along especially when he lambasted a prisoner of war whom by the way did not ask to be a prisoner! A surface to air missile blew his wing off. UNLIKE THE LOSER TRUMP SAID HE SACRIFICED TO MAKE MONEY!


Armed with medical file to the VA I did get my justice.  So I am adding this page and so you can learn about our President and what kind of man he is.


Louis Cioccio

US Army 1966-1969

Copyright 2017 by Lou Cioccio