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I have been fortunate to photograph the late Milton Friedman for WQLN "Free to Choose" in 1980.


The renowned Erie Cardiologist Dr. George D'Angelo hired my services to photograph the late Luciano Pavarotti when he sang at the magnificent Warner Theater. WQLN hired me again later in the 1980's to photograph the Tonight Shows' music director Doc Severinson with the Erie Philharmonic.


I started learning the art of photography through the personal tutoring of the late New Jersey Photographer Francis V. Koemple. Later in 1970 I completed a Photography course through the GI Bill from the School of Modern Photography of New York City.

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Luciano Pavarotti


The image was originally taken with a Mamyia C330 twin lens reflex camera hand held in available light. Luciano was on stage tuning with the piano. Film was Vericolor Professional ASA 100.


Doc Severinson


The image was taken with a Nikon FM and 43-86mm Nikkor lens again hand held available light. He was directing at rehearsal in the Warner. Film was Vericolor Professional ASA 100.

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