Photography by Lou Cioccio

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Hello, I have been photographing weddings and special events since 1972.


The style that I was taught from the beginning of 1972 was that of the traditional wedding. You know the home, ceremony, formals and the key moments of the reception.


In 1976,a breakout year for wedding photographers, I attended a 3-day seminar in Cleveland, Ohio. One of the greats of Wedding Photography was the late Bill Stockwell and his Love Story weddings.


The standards changed and wedding photographers were using candlelight moments.


A few years later I attended another seminar, it was done by Rocky Gunn and a new enhancements to wedding to include the stylistic and art approach to wedding photography. It was the beginning of the photo journalistic style.


I use a combination of traditional and journalistic styles. We always incorporate the Family in our photography from Grandparents to Children. It is in this style of photography that makes your day very special to us.


So let us photograph your next event, whether it be a Wedding, Engagement, Senior or Quinceaneras. We still do these events but on a limited basis as we are now offering classes in:


How to use your Digital Single Lens Reflex (aka DSLR) a three session course with an outdoor practical experience.


Using Software such as PhotoShop Elements to enhance your images.

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